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This is the place for you to check out the latest updates related to the blog. For example, if I haven’t reviewed a movie in a while, I will pop in here and tell you what’s going on. Whatever is going on in the real world, I will let you in on it. Be sure to check this page for updates!

8 SEP 2010 – Sorry it took so long to bring the blog back online, but between an expanded work schedule, school, and some glitches with my computer, I haven’t had much time to dust off this place and get it going again. Until now. The review for Rebecca is now under way, and will be up soon. Thanks for your patience!

19 AUG 2010 – I am officially shutting down until some time next week, as it is time to pack my computer in for the move. When I am back online, I will be able to continue on. I was hoping to have my review of Rebecca completed, but it has been a busier week than I had anticipated. When I come back, I will announce new features with this little blog of mine, at least one of which I think will be very exciting! I will see you all on the other side!

13 AUG 2010 – NEW FEATURE! WordPress has now included “Like” buttons at the bottom of every post. So, if you like what I write, “Like” it!

Also, I have pulled the “Surveys” page offline due to inactivity. Look for it to return some time in the future.

By the way, Netflix has placed L.A. Confidential on “Long Wait” status, so it may take a little while before I get it. Considering that I will be moving the end of next week, I expect Rebecca and possibly one more title to be my last for a little while. Stay tuned…

12 AUG 2010 – Yesterday, I packed up my entertainment system for the move. I will still be able to watch movies on my computer, though the experience may not be the same. Since my last day in my apartment is slated for August 21, I will be scaling back on future posts. This is a two-stage move, which should ultimately end around Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I will be launching the second phase of what I’m calling Operation: Bootstrap (Details). I’ll keep things going as often as I can, so say tuned…

7 AUG 2010 – Well, the mystery movie review is on hold for the time being; one of the DVDs is on Short Wait status. Therefore, I’m resuming reviews as normal. Or, at least as normal as I can. I have started the process of moving from Riverside back into Orange County, California. This will be a two-stage move, so there will be some disruptions in writing new posts over the next couple of months. I ask patience during this time; I will still get in as many movies as I can…

29 JUL 2010 – No reviews this week. I am working on one so extensive, it will not be ready until at least next Tuesday, August 2. I will not reveal the title, but I will say this is a four-disk movie. Please be patient…

19 JUL 2010The Odd Couple is finally arriving! This means that the Request Queue is now open. No waiting!

7 JUL 2010 – Up next in my Netflix Queue is a requested movie, and one of my personal faves, The Odd Couple (1968), starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. But there has been a delay, forcing this movie into “Very Long Wait” status. This means, of course, that I will be unable to honor this request for (what could be) several weeks. In the meantime, you are welcome to submit your own requests, no waiting! The next movie I review just might be yours!

29 JUN 2010 – See trailers to reviewed movies at the AOTRE home on Facebook. Previously-reviewed movies will have trailers added in over time.

24 JUN 2010 (2nd Entry) – Now, AOTRE has a home on Facebook!

24 JUN 2010 – I am now on Facebook. It’s a personal account, so there’s more to it than just this blog. Feel free to venture on over and add me (Rob Norris) as a Friend.

4 JUN 2010 – The Memorial Day weekend contributed to why there is only one movie this week. My next movie is here, but the review won’t be ready until at least Tuesday, 6/9, because I need to wait for Disk 2. Patience…

28 MAY 2010 – NEW FEATURE! Now you can share individual reviews on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and more! Just click the “Share” graphic at the top of each review, then select the social network(s) of your choice. There are over 260 services covered, so chances are you’ll find yours. This option works best with individual reviews; using this function from the start page will result in linking to the start page, with the three latest reviews  that were posted. Of course, you are free to do that, too…

By the way, susbscribers may have noticed an e-mail for the review of It Happened One Night (1934) today. That was an error. Today’s upgrade involved updating all of my reviews at once, and in my haste, I accidentally published this one. I have since removed it from my blog. It was still a “draft” (to be more accurate, a placeholder) for this movie, which arrived in today’s mail. A proper review will go up over the weekend.

3 MAY 2010 – Things have been a little hectic around the home lately. My mother had knee-replacement surgery, and my stepfather had… I’m not sure what to call it. But he had been coughing a lot lately, and it resulted in a ruptured abdominal blood vessel. Anyway, I had to devote a little more time helping out on that front. Things should pick up again soon.

29 MAR 2010 – I have created an all-new Surveys section of AOTRE, complete with an option for you to suggest your own surveys, if you want! Oh, and in case you were wondering if this year’s Oscar survey results are still around, don’t worry; they’re right here.

23 MAR 2010 – Back at my place again! Life is returning to normal (Well, normal for me, anyway). I have added a Request Queue for your convenience. That way, you can see the already-requested movies in a single glance. Also, if you have placed a request, you can see where your movie is in the line. I typically do two or three movies a week, so please bear in mind that it may take a little time before I get to yours. Thank you.

8 MAR 2010 – Took a couple of days off due to my work schedule (Gotta pay the bills, y’know) and the Oscars. Reviews will resume this week.

20 FEB 2010 – Housesitting! My mother and stepfather went on a cruise, and I have temporarily relocated to their home while they are gone (about a month). A little hiccup for now; hopefully, everything will run smoothly again soon.

17 FEB 2010 – NEW FEATURE! Each review features a still from the movie in question. Starting with The Hurt Locker, clicking the still will reveal the full frame in a new window. Where possible, I will be incorporating this feature into the older reviews, too.

13 FEB 2010 – My next movie was supposed to be the Oscar-nominated The Hurt Locker, but somehow it got lost in the mail. I have notified Netflix, and a replacement is en route. Look for Inglourious Basterds soon.

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