Hello, and welcome to Attack of the Red Envelopes!

I started 2010 with a subscription to a certain DVD rental service that uses red envelopes; you may have heard of it (Netflix). Anyway, within an hour of setting up the account, I racked up over 200 titles in my Queue. It was that point when I relalized that maybe others might be interested in my opinion of these and other movie. So I decided to make them public. As I receive new DVDs in the mail, I will watch each one and post a review about it. But here’s the cool part: You will have a chance to participate, too (More on that in a minute)! My reviews will fall under one of three general categories:

MOVIES — Theatrically released motion pictures, direct-to-video movies, and TV movies and miniseries.
TV SHOWS — Episodes featured on a given DVD set, usually reviewed one season at a time.
OTHER – TV specials, sports highlights, how-to videos, and other one-off productions that wouldn’t fit in the other two categories.

This blog will grow constantly, so keep coming back for more reviews. Now, remember when I said you, too, can participate? Here’s how:

REQUEST ’EM – If you want me to review a movie, just click here, and I will put it on my list! Each request will be honored in the order in which it was received. Please check the Request List prior to sending me your suggestion. Limit three requests per month, please.
RATE ’EM – Each article has a “5-star” rating meter at the top. Tell me how much you liked a given movie by selecting on the scale, from 1 to 5.
WRITE ’EM – Write in your feedback in the Comments below each article.
SHARE ’EM – Tell your friends about AOTRE! Just click here (sharing provided by 
SUBSCRIBE ’EM – Click the suscription link below to receive automatic e-mail updates when new posts are added.

That about does it! Enjoy!

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